Greenliant – Solid State Data Storage

Greenliant – Solid State Data Storage

Greenliant is a major supplier of solid state storage, controller and flash memory products to leading automotive, industrial and networking companies.

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  • NANDrive™ solid state drive (SSD) combines Greenliant’s advanced NAND controller with NAND flash die in a small, multi-chip package.
  • mSATA ArmourDrive™ offers the features and benefits of NANDrive in a removable, small form factor solid state drive (SSD).
  • G-card® is Greenliant’s high capacity NVMe PCIe flash storage solution designed for primary storage applications.
  • Specialty NOR Flash Memory portfolio includes Many-Time Programmable, SSF™ (Small-Sector Flash™) and CSF™ (Concurrent SuperFlash™) products.
  • NAND Controllers intelligently manage the inherent deficiencies of NAND flash with advanced wear leveling and robust error correction technology.

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