FDK – True Random Number Generator

FDK – True Random Number Generator


Among the small packaged IC generater, the product has two random number generating circuit parts and two amplifier parts which make use of the thermal noise produced inside the semiconductor to generate true random number. It generates high-quality random number in high speed, which meets the federal information processing standard publication(FIPS PUB 140-2). Moreover, since it is strong against external noise and external temperature, it can install to all kinds of apparatus without being influenced by the use condition.Therefore, the code pattern like the conventional pseudorandom numbers is unlikely to be decoded, and as a result it is possible to build advanced security system such as authentication on the high-speed network, password generation, electronic lock and electronic key of cars.

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  • The TRNG generates high quality physical random numbers for various purposes in wide-ranging applications.
  • Natural phenomenon in CMOS is used to generate true random numbers.
  • The circuit is composed of only CMOS and no external components are needed.
  • Two independent white noise sources are used as the sources of randomness to eliminate external noise interferences.
  • The quality of the true random numbers (correspond to FIPS140-2 Change Notice 1 standard).
  • A randomness statistical test circuit is equipped (conform to FIPS 140-2 ChangeNotice 1 standard).
  • The random numbers are generated at a High speed (up to 32 x 16bits random
  • numbers are stored internally; and they can also be read at a high-speed).


  •   Network security, E-Commerce, Cryptography, Authentication and Discrimination,
  •   Lottery, Game, Simulation, Graphics, Wireless LAN, Computer, Mobile equipments,
  •   FA

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