CEL Opto Couplers

CEL Opto Couplers

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CEL/Renesas Electronics offers a broad range of optocouplers with industry-leading performance and reliability. These series of products provide isolation for various applications including power supply, motor control, data communications interface circuit, automated test equipment and telecommunication equipment.


Category: Company: CEL
  • High Speed/High Functionality Opto Couplers
  • Transistor Output Opto Couplers
  • Evaluation Boards and Free samples are available


Optocouplers Selection Guide

Part No. Description Package Styles Available
PS23XX Series Transistor Output 4-PIN LSOP
PS25XX Series Transistor Output 4,8, and 16 Pin DIP and SMT
PS27XX Series Transistor Output 4 Pin SOP (2.54mm pin pitch)
PS28XX Series Transistor Output 4,12 and 16 pin SSOP (1.27mm pin pitch)
PS29XX Series Transistor Output 4 pin Mini Flat (flat lead, 1.27mm pin pitch)
PS81XX Series High Speed Analog 5 pin SOP (1.27mm pin pitch)
PS83XX Hi Speed Analog 6 pin SDIP (1.27 mm pin pitch)
PS85XX Hi Speed Analog 8 pin DIP and SMT
PS88XX Series High Speed Digital S08
PS91XX Series High Speed Digital 5 pin SOP (1.27mm pin pitch)
PS93XX Series Insulated Gate Driver 6-Pin SDIP
PS94XX Series Insulated Gate Driver 16-Pin SSOP
PS95XX Hi Speed Digital 8 pin DIP and SMT
PS98XX Series High Speed Digital S08
PS99XX High Speed Digital 8 pin DIP

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