Our Line Card

RF Semiconductors, Opto couplers, laser diodes
  • RF Switches and Ultra Low Noise GaAs FETs
  • Opto Couplers & SSRs
  • Laser Diodes & Laser Dies
  • 2.4GHZ Tread & ZigBee Modules
SiTime offers the broadest portfolio of MEMS timing products in the industry
  • Precision Super-TCXOs
  • Low Jitter Oscillators
  • High Temperature Oscillators
  • Programmable spread-spectrum oscillators
A leading developer of low-power, HD and Ultra HD video compression and image processing solutions
  • 4K Ultra HD SoC for IP Cameras
  • Consumer and professional IP Camera SoC
  • Smart security IP cameras SoC
  • Surveillance Ultra HD Camera SoC
Power Management, Interfaces, Communication, Video & Data Security
  • Power Management ICs
  • Interfaces-Serial Transceivers & UARTs
  • Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, G.hn, MoCA and Ethernet
  • Video Processors & Modules
  • Sensing & Signal Conditioning
  • Data Compression & Security
  • Wireless access and wireless backhaul/fronthaul solutions
RF & Microwave power amplifier modules & systems that incorporate GaN, LDMOS, MOSFET, GaAsFET device technologies.
  • RF Power Amplifier modules up to 6GHZ.
  • Multifunction high Power systems with embedded software.
  • Custom designed RF Power amplifiers.
  • Broadband and band-specific solid state power amplifiers up to 2500W.
Reliable and secure storage for embedded systems and datacenters
  • NANDrive™ ball grid array (BGA) solid state drive (SSD)
  • ArmourDrive™ SSD
  • PCIe Flash Card
  • NAND Controller
  • Specialty NOR Flash Memory
Aldetec, Incorporated is a provider of custom Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs) and RF & MW Amplifiers up to 30GHZ.
  • Broadband RF Power Amplifiers
  • Low Noise RF Amplifiers
  • Limiting Amplifiers
  • Up/Down Converters
Commercial & Military Grade RF & MW Filters up to 25 GHZ
  •   Bandpass, highpass & lowpass filter
  •  Switched Filter Banks
  •  Tunable Filters
  •  Multiplexers
High precision crystal oscillators, VCXO, TCXO, OCXO, Stratum 3, timing ICs
  • Network synchronization Timing ICs
  • Sync card, line card and clock distribution ICs
  • Low phase noise and low Jitter OCXOs
  • Stratum 3 and Stratum 3E oscillators
The leading global developer of ISM Band/ SRD FM low power radio modules.
  •  ISM Transmitters, Receivers, Transceivers & RF Modems
  • Single-channel and Multi-Channel operation
  • Radio Packet Modems
  • FCC Part 90 Compliant, FCC Part 15 compliant
THine's Image Signal Processor, “ISP” provide high performance image signal processing and camera control functions.

The ISP equips a high performance image signal processing engine developed by THine, and executes processes like demosaicing, noise reduction, auto exposure, auto focus, and auto white balance in high speed and high quality.

Highly efficient and easy to program ultra-low-power RISC-V processors. They interpret and transform rich data sources such as images, sounds and radar signals using AI and signal processing.
  • GAP8 enables embedded machine learning in battery-operated IoT Sensors.
  • GAP9 combines ultra-low latency filtering with DSP and NN acceleration to power the next generation of hearables and IoT devices.
Empower’s patented IVR technology eliminates dozens of discrete components by using a single IC with greater efficiency and 10x reduction in PCB area.
  • Significant area reduction no need for discrete components
  • Higher transient accuracy with 100x faster settling time
  • Nanosecond speed DVS delivering up to 50% energy savings
  • Advanced CMOS process allows for SoC Integration capability
  • 10x Area Reduction with Zero Discrete Components
EnSilica is a leading ASIC design company for Digital, Mixed Signal & RF applications + optional Production and Supply Chain Management
  • Full custom ASIC & IC design services
  • Digital, Mixed Signal & RF ASICs
  • For Automotive & Radar, Medical, Industrial & RF applications
The Ideal Switch is an ideal replacement for large high-power RF electromechanical relays, as well as RF/microwave solid-state PIN diode switches. DC to 26GHZ
  • RF Switches DC to 26GHZ up to 25W
  • RF Subsystems & Tunable Filters
  • Power Relays
Global leader in the design and manufacture of custom RF and microwave components
  • RF Power Dividers DC-26GHZ
  • Directional Couplers 1 MHZ-26GHZ
  • Beamformers
  • Custom Solutions
Espressif offers the world's most integrated, reliable and energy efficient WiFi & BLE SOCs and Modules.
  • WiFi SOCs and Modules
  • WiFi & BLE combo SOC and Modules
  • Open source IOT App
Leaders in low cost Power Management ICs
  • Power Management ICs
  • Multi-Channel Power Management ICs
  • Li-ion Battery Protection ICs
  • Real Time Clock ICs (RTC)
High Definition Embedded Camera Leader
  • Produce, manufacture, and design Cameras
  • Smart WDR HD IP Cameras
  • High end home consumer Cameras
  • Thermal IP Cameras
  • Scientific and medical CCD Cameras
Revolutionary Tunneling MagnetoResistance (TMR) Sensors
  • Contactless TMR Field (Current) Sensors
  • Digital TMR Latch
  • Digital TMR Rotation/Speed Sensors
  • TMR Angular Orientation Sensors
FPGA Hardware & Software IPs
  • HW & SW IPs for FPGAs, processors, and interface devices
  • Real Time OS for small embedded devices
  • Board Solutions
Low Phase Noise PLL Synthesizers, VCOs, CROs, YIG Replacement Oscillators up to 20GHZ
  •  Low Phase Noise PLL Synthesizers up to 22GHZ
  • Narrow & wideband VCOs up to 8GHZ
  • Coaxial Resonator Oscillators (CROs)
  • Custom made frequency sources
Raditek offers a wide range of RF & MW components and systems
  • RF & MW Isolators & Circulators
  • Satcom Amplifiers & Systems
  • MW subsystems
  • MW Synthesizers
Innovative wireless and wired solutions for machine-to-machine (M2M) networking
  • Bluetooth RS232/485/422 external adapters
  • Bluetooth Class 1 & 2 serial modules
  • USB Bluetooth Class 1 adapter up to 300meter
  • External & Embedded device servers TCP/UDP
Specialized in the design, manufacturing of high quality ComAnt® communications antennas
  • IP67 proof ComAnt® antennas covering  VHF,UHF & SHF
  • Dipole and Yagis arrays antennas
  • Omni Directional antennas
  • Quarter wave lightning Protectors
Precision Microwave cable assemblies from DC-50GHZ
  • Any RF cable and connector combination.
  • Custom cable assemblies to the customer's exact specifications.
  • Low loss and phased matched Microwave Cable Assemblies.
Industrial Fiber Optic Transceivers and cables
  • Wide range of Fiber Optic transmitters
  • FO Receivers & transceivers for Industrial applications up to 10/125/250Mbps.
  • Fiber optic cable assemblies.
Broadband Linear & High Power RF amplifiers up to 10KW
  • Cellular CDMA,WCDMA ,LTE ,USPCS amplifiers modules
  • Broadband RF amplifier
  • Linear RF amplifiers
  • Test & Measurement RF amplifiers
IPP manufactures and designs high power ultra wide band passive RF components.
  • Wide band 90 deg Couplers, drop in, SMT & connectrorized up to 12 GHZ
  • Directional Couplers 1 MHz to 6.0 GHz, up 2.5KW
  • Dividers & Combiners  20-6000MHZ up 2.5KW
  • Power baluns, resistors, terminations, up to 800W
Turnkey ASIC design & custom IP
  •   Analog & Mixed Signal ASIC design
  •  Ultralow power custom IPs
  •  Industrial Sensors
  •  Motor Control